I’ve committed to unscheduled posts. I will never write just for the sake of writing consistently, so my posts are really based on something moving me enough to speak up. That being said, I get a little nervous about overkill and posting too often.

That’s why I was fighting the urge to blog about the Oscars. They haven’t even started yet and my mind is reeling a little. I love the fashion commentary which is somewhat laughable if you see my sense of style, or lack there of. I think if reporting to work at noon was an option, I would at least make an effort. It’s somewhat masochistic my love of fashion because I usually spend a considerable amount of time in judgment of my imperfections.

Then they moved to an all-female panel inside the studio. The panel included Giuliana Rancic, Khloe Kardashian, and someone I didn’t recognize.

I love Giuliana and she has made no secret of the fact she struggles with infertility. When her son was born, we were about a year into trying naturally. I followed her interviews because she was painfully honest at a time I wasn’t even prepared to admit I was trying.

Judge all you want but I love the Kardashians, Khloe most of all. She was married the day after I was and around the time we started trying, the magazines started speculating on her fertility. Coincidentally both of us had older unmarried sisters who were expecting children at the time.

The person on the panel I didn’t recognize was introduced as Zanna Roberts Rassi, some type of fashion editor. I thought she seemed kind of interesting so I googled her. I cannot make this up. The first result was her Instagram and the second was “Zanna Roberts Rassi’s Long Road to Pregnancy.”


I believe in coincidences but three ladies with infertility on the same panel really can’t go unnoticed. Infertility can be so isolating and I can only imagine what it must feel like in Hollywood where your image is everything.

Finding people who have faced similar struggles is one of the keys to maintaining (or in my case, regaining) sanity.


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